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‘We’ll die of hunger here anyway’: Boy’s tragic journey exposes impossible choice faced by millions


Gujrat, Pakistan DAG— Pervez Akhtar fights through tears as he recalls the final words of his 14-year-old son. “It will all be OK,” Muhammad Abuzar told him. “I’ll educate my brothers, I’ll make your house. You won’t go hungry. Just pray for me.”

Akhtar now sits in his dilapidated, one-room home in a village in Pakistan’s eastern district of Gujrat, looking through photos of Abuzar. His gaunt face unable to hide the anguish and despair.

Abuzar was aboard a fishing trawler that capsized in the Mediterranean last month, sinking with it hundreds of people searching for a better life.

The boat was carrying up to 750 Pakistani, Syrian, Egyptian and Palestinian refugees and migrants. Only 104 people have been rescued.

Abuzar’s body has not been recovered.

His father, a school bus driver who earns less than $90 a month and had to sell his home to pay his son’s smugglers, now has three children to feed in a nation grappling with soaring inflation and a crippling economic crisis.

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