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Putin says Russia has ‘sufficient’ cluster munitions and may retaliate if Ukraine uses them


Russia has a stockpile of cluster munitions and will consider using them against Ukraine “if they are used against us,” President Vladimir Putin said.

Putin’s comments come just days after Ukraine received a delivery of American-made cluster munitions, though a top Ukrainian military official told CNN they had not yet been used.

“Russia has a sufficient supply of various types of cluster munitions,” the Russian leader said during an interview with a pro-Kremlin journalist.

“If they are used against us, we reserve the right to mirror actions.”

Washington’s decision to send cluster bombs to Kyiv was controversial and criticized by human rights groups.

The weapons are particularly dangerous to civilians and noncombattants when fired near populated areas because they scatter explosive material, so-called “bomblets,” across large areas. Those that fail to explode on impact can detonate years later, posing a long-term risk to anyone who encounters them, similar to landmines.

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Waqas Abdullah, the esteemed Director of Foreign Affairs at DAG Media Network, is a visionary force in international diplomacy. He began his journey as a distinguished News Anchor within the organization, leaving a lasting impact with his captivating presence and commitment to journalistic integrity. Transitioning seamlessly into the role of Director of Foreign Affairs, he harnesses his deep understanding of global dynamics and exceptional communication skills to shape policies and foster cooperation. With strategic vision and persuasive prowess, he engages with world leaders, advocates for common goals, and cultivates trust and cooperation. Waqas Abdullah's dedication to promoting peace, inclusivity, and global development drives him to bridge divides and build meaningful international partnerships. His journey exemplifies talent, adaptability, and excellence, leaving an enduring legacy within DAG Media Network as he inspires the next generation of journalists and diplomats.

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