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Police detain senior officer for ‘involvement’ in citizen’s killing

  • As per initial probe, police opened fire at Hashim Magsi.
  • Magsi died on spot, while his friend remains injured.
  • 3 cops remain at large following suspicion of involvement in killing.

A senior police officer was detained, while three cops remain at large following suspicion of their involvement in the murder of a Dubai-returned man in Karachi’s Manghopir area, The News reported.

Qamar, the district superintendent of police and district central incharge of the Anti Vehicle Lifting Cell (AVLC), has been apprehended as a key suspect in the killing of the newly-married man, Hashim Magsi, who recently returned to the port city after living abroad for 16 years.

Meanwhile, arrest of ASI Mukhtiar Pathan and two other cops are yet to be made.

According to initial investigation, a police party — headed by DSP Qamar — opened fire at Magsi and his friend for not stopping their motorcycle at an unauthorised picket in Manghopir while they were returning home after visiting a shrine.

The 30-year-old Magsi died, while his friend Shahzad was injured in the shooting.

ASI Pathan, meanwhile, is also alleged to be the key suspect and has been on the run along with two other cops since the incident occurred. The weapons used in the murder, including a machine gun, have been seized and a police mobile impounded.

The tragic incident took place on July 12, when the young man was shot dead allegedly by a team of District Central’s Anti-Vehicle Lifting Cell.

The Manghopir police said Magsi, son of Sikandar, was married a year ago. They added that Hashim and his friend were returning home on a motorcycle after visiting a shrine when they were signalled to pull over at a picket.

However, the AVLC team fired shots at them when they did not stop. The police said the AVLC team, which denied their involvement in the incident, had set up the picket without informing them or their seniors.

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On the other hand, the police registered a case on the complaint of the deceased’s brother, Sikandar, who recounted the episode in the FIR and demanded action against the cops.

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