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daniyal akhtar gujjar

Editor-in-Chief Daniyal Akhtar Gujjar DAG Media Network, the exceptional news personality. With an unwavering commitment to journalistic excellence and an insatiable thirst for truth, he leads the organization with unrivaled passion, shaping the landscape of media with his profound insights and innovative editorial vision. Akhtar stands as a paragon of integrity and meticulousness. His keen editorial eye ensures that every article, report, and feature that graces the network's platforms is a beacon of accuracy, depth, and thought-provoking storytelling. holds a prominent place in the annals of media history as one of the first digital broadcasters in the world. Back in 2015, at the dawn of the digital broadcasting era, he fearlessly embraced the transformative power of the internet and pioneered new frontiers in media delivery. his exceptional editorial and broadcasting vision and dedication to excellence set the standard for impactful storytelling, making DAG Media Network a trusted source of news and information.