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Pak Army

6 september, Defence Day celebrating across pakistan



● Pakistan Defense Day, 6th sep 2023: A narrative of bravery and prowess. “I don’t want my teenage queen Just give me my rifle M-16If I die in a battle zoneBox me up & send me homePut my rifle on my chestTell my mom I did my bestSay my nation not to cryI’m the soldier born to die!Pakistan Zindabad Salute to Pakistan Army”.Leading nations always come out more powerful and resilient after the most challenging of times. The Pakistani people were committed and determined in the 1965 war when the enemy attacked our survival. Pakistan continues to observe Defence Day on September 6 each year in honour of Pakistan’s victory against India in 1965, which marked the resolution of the war. The entire world has witnessed Pakistan’s people’s dedication and immense sacrifices in endorsement of their military throughout difficult times. Therefore, on this day, the entire country pays tribute to the Ghazis and Shuhada who administered their responsibilities to protect the motherland. Despite declaring an official assertion of war, the Indian army attacked Pakistani territory on September 6, 1965. They targeted Sindh’s arid regions, Lahore, Sialkot, and Sialkot. The war lasted until both sides agreed to a cease-fire that was enforced by the UN on September 22, 1965. On September 6, 1965, around 3 a.m., the Indians crossed West Pakistan’s international border and attacked Lahore from all three directions. There was a furious tank combat in the Punjabi fields. The “superpowers became concerned as the regional Indo-Pak war turned into an international emergencies.Indian forces attempted to take over Lahore, but had been defeated and sustained significant losses. The Pakistan Army’s land defensive troops were capable of to put off and eventually defeat the Indian attack with the support of the Pakistan Air Force.India commenced the main attack against Sialkot on September 8, exactly two days after the Lahore incident, using its armoured brigade and other discriminatory troops. This seventeen-day fight observed the largest tank combat since World War II.India lost a significant number of soldiers in this war.A fourfold greater rival tried to attack Pakistan, but the country as a whole responded with committed determination.India’s measures were clear violations of international laws, the UN Charter, and standards of diplomatic behaviour between nations. India violated its international agreements in its pompous quest to take control of the area.The Indo-Pak War ended with a truce declared on September 23, 1965, following a diplomatic effort led by the United Nations. The US stopped military supplies to both sides, while the Soviet Union and the US united to prevent the war from escalating into global warfare. China threatened to interfere and promised Pakistan military assistance. Both pressured the UN to negotiate a ceasefire to keep China out. The Soviet Union acted as a mediator in Tashkent, announcing a meeting between Indian Prime Minister Shastri and Pakistani President Ayyub Khan in 1966. The USSR’s mediation led to the war’s conclusion and a peace treaty was signed in Tashkent.So many people have lost their lives fighting for our country in this war. However, 11 of the soldiers showed extraordinary heroism and were awarded the Nishan-e-Haider. Major Aziz Bhatti won the highest Nishan-e-Haider award for his exceptional role in defending the Bedian region of Lahore in 1965.  Many lives have lost fighting for our country in that war. However, 11 of the soldiers martyred and were awarded the Nishan-e-Haider. Major Aziz Bhatti won the highest Nishan-e-Haider award for his exceptional role in defending the Bedian region of Lahore in 1965.  Every year, Pakistan celebrates this day jn the honour of Shuhada with great zeal and zest in multiple ways we pay tribute to the sacrificers, our brave heroes. The ‘change of guards’ ritual occurs every 6th of September at Mizar-e-Qaid and Iqbal’s mausoleum. The Pakistan Army expose to viewits heaviest weaponry, including tanks, missiles, and aircraft, each year as part of the celebrations on Defence Day. In addition to attending the parades in person, everyone can watch the Defence Day events in Pakistan live from the home in live transmissions. All major news channels are broadcasting live coverage of the events. Pakistan emerged from the September 1965 war with India as a strong and self-assured country, proud of itself and its military capabilities. We stood as one nation. With the assistance of the government, Pakistan’s Armed Forces repulsed India’s naked aggression across the international border. We forced them to accept a truce, return to the negotiating table, and quit each other’s territory. It was certainly the greatest hour of glory, and a day to remember for future generations of civilians and soldiers.

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